American companies are a key investor creating nearly 220,000 jobs in Poland

American companies which invest in Poland are a well-integrated part of the local economy, contributing to its growth and development. The value of American investments in Poland after the first quarter of 2018 could have reached as much as PLN 130 billion. Those companies have created as many as 220 thousand jobs, and the average salary/wage is higher than the corresponding figures for the country’s economy as a whole. An extensive network of business partners reflects the strong integration of American companies, which play a role in value creation within Poland’s economy. Moreover, American companies are also involved in CSR activities: they strive to achieve gender parity among their workforce and actively cooperate with local universities, initiating joint R&D projects.

KPMG and the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland report "American investments in Poland. Partnership for success for the next 100 years!"

Raport KPMG w Polsce i Amerykańskiej Izby Handlowej w Polsce pt. „Inwestycje amerykańskie w Polsce. Partnerstwo dla sukcesu na kolejne 100 lat!

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